Relationship coach • Author • Speaker

"Knowledge, awareness, curiosity and fun

lead to good and enjoyable relationships "

Relationship coaching

As a Celebrant, certified Systemic Coach and Relationship Coach, I can help you to be an even better couple than you already are. I have accompanied dozens of couples into marriage and was allowed to learn with them what it means to not only to marry and have a great day but also be married and have amazing years together. Saying "yes" to each other is a great opportunity to get to know even better.

Life coaching

I can't tell you what's right for you. I can ask you the questions that will help you see clearly what is important to you. Right now it is important to start an exchange. There are special offers waiting for your personal development.

Speaker / Celebrant

A clever woman once said to me: “Give the world your talent when she needs it most!” Since then, the voice and the spoken word have been one of my most important instruments.

The "what" is essential - the "how" too!

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When a point on life's bucket list becomes a reality, your heart pounds.

My debut work "strahlengrau" was published on March 28, 2019 and is now available in the second edition. Incomprehensible.

A book that takes you into the world of questions that haunt me as one of us every day. It can look incredibly bright and feel quite gray.


My German podcast "Carolin fragt" asks questions. There are enough advice out there that has nothing to do with the solution we are looking for, but rather with the person who addresses them.